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Aharoni Law is uniquely positioned to serve our clients in these specific Israeli law practice areas:

We are a boutique law firm. We can provide one-on-one customized service to assist you with your financial and business interests in Israel. Whether you are resident in Israel or the US, we guide our clients through the complex maze that is Israeli law. We can trace and locate abandoned property in Israel, bank accounts, and other assets in Israel.

We Know Israeli Business Law

Doing business in Israel requires knowledge of business law and also requires connections. We maintain an excellent network of business connections and resources in Israel and the United States to offer our clients the best resources to tackle their specific legal or financial problems.

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We listen. Then, we customize a tailor-made strategy for you to achieve your goals cost-efficiently and timely. We hold your hand every step of the way and are always available to answer your questions and help make the process as easy as possible.

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Our Offices

  1. Tel Aviv, Israel
  2. New York, USA
  3. Florida, USA
  4. Los Angeles, USA
  5. Canada
  6. United Kingdom
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Aharoni Law represents clients in estates, probate, inheritance and real estate.

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Having a trusted attorney who takes the time to guide you on the Israeli legal and business landscape is vital.

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Group 1727

Great law firm. Rahav is always available via emails, calls, and help, advise without hesitation on the same day. I highly appreciate and recommend them.
Ayelet B.

Your Initial Consultation

At Aharoni Law Firm we have one goal: provide solutions to our international clients facing legal issues in Israel. Our practice values are rooted in a commitment to listening, a drive to problem solve, and a desire to offer legal expertise that is both helpful and convenient. With four offices across the world, Aharoni Law Firm knows no borders. We literally cross oceans for our clients solving legal issues in Israeli probate, estate, property, and business law matters.

We don’t just listen.

We understand.

We don’t just problem solve.

We shape innovative and effective strategies.

We don’t just expertise.

We develop authentic relationships.