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Specialty in Israel Probate Law

Aharoni Law Firm meets a broad range of needs for international clients facing concerns with Israeli probate and succession law. Our extensive experience managing probate cases enables our attorneys to handle simple matters with efficiency and resolve conflicted matters with vigorous advocacy. We tailor our service to your specific needs.

Probate and succession cases in Israel often involve other areas of law including real estate, taxation, and international financial restrictions. Our attorneys understand how estate matters fit into the big picture, so they can provide advice to guide you toward the most advantageous decisions. We can manage probate details on your behalf to conserve your time and resources.

How We Help

With offices in Tel Aviv, Los Angeles, New York, and Florida, Aharoni Law Firm attorneys help clients outside of Israel with services such as:

  • Interpretation of wills, including mutual and joint provisions, survivor clauses, and representation on behalf of heirs
  • Petitions to probate wills, administer the estate, appoint executors, and terminate administration
  • Realization and division
  • Succession by law matters
  • Representation in court for any probate matter
  • Advice on estate administration
  • Trust administration
  • Negotiation or litigation to resolve disputes
  • Marshaling and distributing estate assets
  • Pursuit of breach of fiduciary obligation claims

When an estate can be probated with few complications, we work to manage legal requirements with a cost-effective, timely approach. In situations where a will is contested or complications arise during probate, we fight with tenacity to protect your interests in Israel and achieve your objectives.

Probate in Israel

Even clients familiar with the probate process in other jurisdictions usually need assistance with the unique probate process in Israel. We can manage the process entirely on your behalf or provide guidance and representation as you take on tasks.

We prepare the petition to probate the will and prove to the Family Court Judge or Israeli Inheritance Registrar that the will is valid.

If you want to contest the validity of a will, we have the right strategies to prepare and present convincing evidence that the was lacks validity due to duress, undue influence, incompetency or other legal factors.

Our team works to quickly obtain Israeli Inheritance Orders or Probate Orders from the Inheritance Registrar and family court to establish our clients’ inheritance rights. We know how to fulfill specific requirements for handling business interests, real estate, and other types of complex assets.

We Are a Highly Reviewed Israeli Law Firm

Client service and legal excellence are our top priorities at the Aharoni Law Firm. Our commitment to meeting clients’ needs becomes evident when you peruse our references from clients. We work to ensure satisfaction and it shows.

Now it’s time to demonstrate what our firm can do for you. If you are executing a probate, succession, or inheritance matter in Israel, contact our team now. We take the time to understand your needs and priorities, and that enables us to provide advice about issues others might miss. Find out how we can help.

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    Great law firm. Rahav is always available via emails, calls, and help, advise without hesitation on the same day. I highly appreciate and recommend them.
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    At Aharoni Law Firm we have one goal: provide solutions to our international clients facing legal issues in Israel. Our practice values are rooted in a commitment to listening, a drive to problem solve, and a desire to offer legal expertise that is both helpful and convenient. With four offices across the world, Aharoni Law Firm knows no borders. We literally cross oceans for our clients solving legal issues in Israeli probate, estate, property, and business law matters.

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