An experienced Israeli lawyer in New York and throughout the rest of the Empire State is within reach. Aharoni Law Firm provides personalized expert Israel probate, estate & succession law advice and services in New York, New Jersey, Long Island, Brooklyn, Queens, Westchester, Rockland County, Suffern, Spring Valley, Monsey, and Connecticut.

We Are Israeli Lawyers Located in New York

Our experience with the Israeli law system gives you an advantage with your Israeli Inheritance, Israeli real estate, or Israeli probate matters from New York. Our Tel Aviv legal office works with our New York legal office to expedite the administrative requirements of any legal situation since we have “eyes on the ground” when dealing with real estate matters in Israel. We pride ourselves on providing consistent and impeccable legal services.

Israeli Inheritance: Probate Attorney Services in New York

Aharoni Law Firm ensures compliance and expertise in all statutes of Israeli probate law with great diligence and a straightforward approach. No case is too minor or complex regarding Israeli probate laws and inheritance. Our probate attorneys’ services in NYC include but are not limited to the following:

Our firm provides highly tailored strategic legal services. We have a long record of skillfully handling Israeli legal estates for families and business clients in the NY & NJ area. Clients can rely on our Israeli solicitors to offer sound, strategic counsel and cost efficiency. We are great believers in communication, and our roots and values are family; please get in touch with us, and we can discuss and brainstorm the case in our complimentary consultation.

Our Israeli Law Firm Based in Israel and New York

Rahav D. Aharoni, Adv, our law firm’s founding lawyer, is an Israel native fluent in Hebrew and English. He has a deep background in Israel’s real estate industry. Through the years, clients in the US have come to rely on his sound legal counsel in matters such as:

  • Holistic Due diligence regarding Israeli real estate, including a nationwide search for dormant assets and bank accounts in Bank Leumi, Hapoalim, Discount, etc.
    Brainstorming with our NY & NJ clients regarding any Estate tax implications, if any, in the US.
  • Filing for and obtaining an inheritance probate court order in Israeli family court.
  • Transferring ownership of bank accounts after completing the probate.
  • Contesting and objecting wills in Israeli family court
  • Locating inherited Israeli property
  • Reclaiming Israeli assets or unclaimed property
  • Buying or selling Israeli real estate (saving brokerage fee)
  • Enforcing foreign judgments in Israeli courts
  • Handling property management in Israel

Again, our Israeli lawyers in New York at Aharoni Law Firm are great believers in communication and have the patience to listen to our clients. We listen closely and take the time to understand their unique legal goals or any questions they may have. Our clients know they can trust us to fully commit to achieving their objectives and keeping them informed at every stage.

How Can Our Israeli Estates Lawyers Help?

To inherit property in Israel, including real estate, bank account, or other assets, you must petition the Inheritance Registrar and then the family court. If your loved one left behind a will, trust, or the estate is intestate, we need to file a probate/succession order in an Israeli court.

You do not have to travel to Israel from NY to claim the property. We are e-filing the probate process for you, including:

  • E-filing the application for the probate or succession order
  • Submitting physically the original will or an application to verify the will
  • Providing a certificate or declaration of your loved one’s death, including Apostille.
  • Serving legal notice to all heirs or beneficiaries under the will or intestacy.
  • Preparing a foreign legal opinion for family court (if your loved one does not live in Israel).
  • Closing any procedure with Israeli banks, including any IRS requirements for the US.
  • residents.
  • Wired the funds to the clients in NY and reviewed the accounting with the client.

We also have vast experience in helping clients contest the validity of wills or oppose applications for probate or succession orders efficiently and in a time-sensitive manner. We also advise with the registration of inherited property and with handling all tax-related matters, if any. We also work with our clients to locate any inherited property in Israel.

Claiming Abandoned Property in Israel from New York

Many of our clients we assist. receive a letter from the Israeli government informing them that they are the relative of someone who owns property in Israel, which has been deemed to be “abandoned.” We guide them through the process and use our in-depth knowledge of Israeli probate, succession, and real estate law to handle every aspect of their case, from establishing ownership rights to selling the property if they choose to do so. We also help our clients understand and address tax implications, and we take careful steps to protect their interests and maximize their equity.

Israeli Real Estate Lawyers in New York

Suppose you are an individual or part of a family in New York that plans to move to Israel or a foreign investor looking to enter the Israeli real estate market. In that case, you will benefit from working with our firm’s experienced Israeli real estate solicitor. Our Israeli real estate lawyers can help you to save you many logistics and legal matters that buyers and sellers often encounter with Israeli real estate transactions, and we will ensure that the process goes smoothly. Period. Among the steps which we can take on your behalf include:

  • Conducting due diligence title search for the property through the appropriate registry or registries
  • Negotiating with Israeli lenders on the terms of a mortgage.
  • Opening a trust account in the name of the client for the purchase of property
  • Drafting the contract for the purchase or sale of property
  • Registering a cautionary note to protect your rights as a buyer against anyone else who may try to assert a right regarding the property
  • Completing registration of property rights to complete the transfer of ownership.

Straightforward, Cost-Efficient Israeli Attorney in New York

As a US resident, we work one–on–one– remotely or around the table – to successfully execute and complete the Israeli estate process. We successfully help residents in Israeli real estate and Israeli real estate throughout the US.

Our New York Israeli Law Firm Has A Proven Track Record

Our hard-working legal team at Aharoni Law Firm is family-oriented and has first-hand experience handling Israeli real estate and real estate law. Please contact our firm for a complimentary consultation from our Israeli real estate and real estate lawyers.


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