• Filing Papers for an Israeli Real Estate Deal
Aharoni Law Firm has an intimate and thorough understanding of Israeli real estate law and the complexities of Israel’s Real Estate market. Our experts will assist you in understanding recent and relevant trends, identifying ideal neighborhoods and properties, avoiding pitfalls and negotiating as effectively as possible. Our practice areas extend beyond legal representation and production of paperwork. We can help determine asset quality and can secure independent appraisals at your request.

Our Israeli Property Law Services Include the Following:

  • Contracts – preparing contracts for purchasing or selling real estate assets in Israel, including conducting the negotiation and attending the signing procedures
  • Israeli Property Rights – Searching the legal rights and title connected to the property, including ownership rights and attached obligations. We will gather all relevant documents, deeds, and extracts and we will conduct searches with all relevant authorities and bodies
  • Conducting due diligence regarding acquisitions of commercial real estate and business.
  • Registry – Registering and transferring all property rights under all relevant Israeli authorities.
  • Litigation – Providing legal representation in an Israeli court for all disputes related to land, title, and real estate
  • Mortgage – Providing assistance in obtaining and negotiating the terms of a mortgage including vacation houses.
  • Representation in the purchase or sale of residential or commercial property
  • Representation of tenants or landlords in commercial leases
  • Providing legal representation regarding Israeli real estate taxation

How are Real Estate Contracts Negotiated in Israel?

In Israel, the terms of Real Estate Contracts are negotiated by the legal representatives of the parties involved and are not strictly determined by the State – unlike real estate transactions in the United States. Contracts are usually only signed after negotiations and the back-and-forth exchange of draft agreements in compliance with Israel's Property Laws. Each side’s lawyer in a typical Israeli real estate transaction is responsible for providing all the relevant documents and proof of title and ownership in order to assure the purchasers' future unfettered ownership rights when buying property in Israel. We represent international clients from the United States, Canada, the UK, Europe, and Israel. Please contact us from the US or Canada at 1.888.923.0022 or in Israel at (972) 3.9055478 or (972) 50.7322688 to schedule a discussion regarding your case.