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Israeli law surrounding business operations is complex for domestic and foreign companies. At Aharoni Law Firm, we have offices in Tel Aviv, Los Angeles, New York, and Florida to help business owners and investors navigate business law in Israel. We can help you understand legal entities, how to start a business in Israel, and what regulations you should know to operate companies in Israel.

Legal Entities for Business in Israel

Several business models are available to create a legal entity in Israel. Our law firm can help you form the following legal entities in Israel:

  • Privately owned companies
  • Publicly owned companies
  • Partnerships
  • Local branches of a foreign company or partnership
  • Non-profit companies
  • Non-profit associations
  • Cooperatives (usually agricultural or transportation sectors)

Privately owned companies may have one or more shareholders, while publicly owned companies trade shares on a public stock exchange and could have many shareholders. Partnerships can have two or more partners who own the business and share unlimited or limited liability for the organization’s debts.

When your foreign company or partnership opens a branch in Israel, you must register to do business with either the Registrar of Companies or the Registrar of Partnerships. We can incorporate the local branch as an Israeli company that your foreign company or partnership owns.

Other organizational structures for non-profit and cooperative endeavors have their regulations and requirements. Our attorneys can help you choose which legal entity best suits your business goals.

Starting a Business in Israel

Starting a business in Israel may have different requirements depending on which legal entity you intend to pursue. However, Israel doesn’t limit a person by nationality or residency to create an Israeli legal entity, something not all countries allow.

To create most legal entities in Israel, your company must submit its Articles of Association, an application for registration, and other legal documents to the Israeli Registrar of Companies. You should retain a knowledgeable attorney for business law in Israel to ensure that your forms are accurate and that you submit the correct documentation for your business.

Regulations to Know for Foreign Companies in Israel

Israeli companies are subject to several laws and regulations. Your company operations could be liable to uphold specific activities under these regulations. Your experienced business law attorneys can guide your company on regulatory acts and laws, including:

  • The Companies Law of 1999
  • The Companies Ordinance (New Version) of 1983
  • The Associations Law of 1980
  • Regulations of the Registrar of Companies
  • Regulations of the Registrar of Partnerships
  • Regulations of the Registrar of Associations
  • Regulations of the Registrar of Cooperatives
  • Regulations of the Ministry of Justice
  • Regulations of the Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Labor

Contact a Business Law Attorney in Tel Aviv, Israel

For experienced legal guidance on creating a business in Israel or adhering to Israeli law for business practices, contact our law offices at the Aharoni Law Firm. We stay current with Israeli business legal requirements and value the personal relationships we build with our clients.

Call us at 888-923-0022 (United States) or 972-3-9055478 (Israel), or contact us to schedule a consultation for business law in Israel.

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