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We are unrelenting fiduciaries and counselors on a mission to help clients through every step of their legal and business affairs in Israel. Our diligent attorneys offer personal, comprehensive legal services for Israeli inheritance, probate, property, and estate matters. We always encourage our potential clients to request and contact our previous clients.

Specializing in Israeli Estate and Real Estate Law

Our Israeli lawyers are hyper-focused on providing in-depth guidance in Israeli property and estate claims, with a winning reputation for serving international clients and their cases.

With more than 20 years of experience in both Israeli law and in Israeli real estate, we have the industry know-how needed to successfully navigate the intricacies of inheritance and property claims in Israel.

Our skilled handling of estate and real estate transactions and disputes has helped our clients achieve outstanding results and maximize equity. Leveraging our in-depth knowledge and creative problem-solving, our Israeli attorneys negotiate and close some of the most sophisticated Israeli real estate and estate cases on behalf of our clients. Our practice areas include:

Superior Client Service – Educating Clients on Israeli Law

We work closely with our clients, as we guide them through the Israeli legal landscape and keep them informed and involved every step of the way.

Many clients seeking to locate inherited property in Israel are also recently bereaved. We take the time to listen to our client’s unique needs and goals and work side-by-side with them to ensure all legal matters are handled with care.

Whether seeking to claim an abandoned property in Israel or to handle a family inheritance, clients trust us to manage the intricacies of their transactions and disputes. All cases are personally managed by our managing partner Rahav Aharoni, Adv. Clients value his strategic counsel and diligent communication as he works with them to keep the case moving wisely and efficiently.

Advising the Global Community

With offices in Tel Aviv, Los Angeles, and New York City, we have extensive experience representing clients from the U.S., Canada, and around the world in Israeli legal matters. We know how to handle the challenges of transacting business between Israel and the United States, the UK, Australia Canada, and other countries and work efficiently with the clients and the Israeli legal system.

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If you are executing an Israeli inheritance process or have questions regarding Israeli property law or business, please contact us for a free initial consultation. Our attorneys are fluent in English and Hebrew. We look forward to being of service to you, your family, and your business.


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Having a trusted attorney who takes the time to guide you on the Israeli legal and business landscape is vital.

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Great law firm. Rahav is always available via emails, calls, and help, advise without hesitation on the same day. I highly appreciate and recommend them.
Ayelet B.

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At Aharoni Law Firm we have one goal: provide solutions to our international clients facing legal issues in Israel. Our practice values are rooted in a commitment to listening, a drive to problem solve, and a desire to offer legal expertise that is both helpful and convenient. With four offices across the world, Aharoni Law Firm knows no borders. We literally cross oceans for our clients solving legal issues in Israeli probate, estate, property, and business law matters.

We don’t just listen.

We understand.

We don’t just problem solve.

We shape innovative and effective strategies.

We don’t just expertise.

We develop authentic relationships.