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Rahav was such an incredible help getting us through my brother’s probate.

Dealing with relations between Israel and the United States is incredibly challenging, and we had 2 lawyers (over 4 years) before Rahav that just couldn’t get things finalized. We found Rahav, and he understood the entire situation, picked up where the last lawyer left off, and closed the case within a year of picking it up.

My nieces and I are so happy to have found him. I would recommend him to anyone in the US looking for a lawyer to handle affairs in Israel.

Rachel J.

North Miami Beach, FL

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Rahav helped my mom, my sister, and I recover our inheritance from our grandfather overseas. Great communication and customer service! So happy with our experience. Thank you!

Jaina E.

Columbus, OH

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Incredibly resourceful, fast and professional. I would recommend Aharoni Law Offices to anyone looking for a Israeli-US law firm.

Ruth C.

Manhattan, NY

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I contacted Rahav about a property we inherited in Israel. He responded immediately. For a very reasonable fee, he handled the entire transaction, referred me to someone to do an official translation of the documents for the Israeli consulate. While I expected all of the above, Mr. Aharoni made several follow up calls to be sure the process was completed. I have worked with many attorneys but have never had such complete, wonderful service. It’s also important to note that I contacted Mr. Aharoni through a Google search. So I had no idea how this would go. I highly recommend this law firm.

Dave F.

Chatsworth, CA

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I am very happy with the service I was provided by Rahav. I needed help with my mother’s probate in Israel while residing in the US. He is super reliable, responsive, fast, and respect(ful). Excellent service. The case got resolved successfully in a timely manner for a reasonable fee as originally promised. Thank you very much. I’d recommend Rahav and his law firm to anyone in need of legal advice.

Alex V.

Kirkland, WA

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I found Rahav Aharoni to be extremely professional, knowledgeable, courteous, well-priced and very attentive. He assisted me with navigating Israeli bureaucracy and red-tape very efficiently and promptly.

He exceeded my expectations and indeed provided 5-star service.


Brooklyn, NY

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Rahav handled a matter for me against an extremely determined opponent, but Rahav persevered and in the end got a very favorable outcome for me.  He saved me a lot of time, trouble, and expense, so I was very happy with the outcome.

Rick B.

Sedro-Woolley, WA

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I hired Rahav to recover my inheritance from my father in Israel.  There was a will written for only a token of what I was told I was going to get.  I thought all was lost, but Rahav was able to negotiate with the family, and their lawyer tripled the original amount even after I paid him his fees. He has my vote of confidence!


Cleveland, OH

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I contacted Rahav to see what his opinion would be on appealing an inheritance case in Israel, and if he would consider such an appeal. I emailed him the court decision, which is in Hebrew. He read it in detail, and then arranged a time to talk by phone. Rahav was extremely honest, clear, and knowledgeable. He told me exactly what the court case meant, what the chances of appeal might be, and why my cousin and I lost the case, despite the fact that we had provided strong evidence of inheritance. I absolutely needed to know this information to make an informed decision on whether to spend more money on an appeal. It really helps to talk with someone who is personable and really, really knows Israeli law.  Thanks Rahav!

Jonathan G.

Pacifica, CA

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I found Mr. Rahav Aharoni from my Hebrew translator and I was very happy with him. I hired him twice, the first time was to negotiate and complete a probate with my family and to register the land in Israel, which he did a great job on. And the second time, my family in Israel could not find/get my grandfather’s death certificate. Mr. Aharoni did. Mr. Aharoni is very kind, loyal and easy to work with and solved two of my issues. I recommend Mr. Aharoni, and I’ll be happy to respond to any inquiries.

Isaac M.

Valencia, CA

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Although I’ve never actually ‘met’ Mr. Aharoni, and only spoken on phone twice prior to my legal request, his tactful and kind heartedness in helping translate a delicate family legal document struck me as somebody who truly cares about his fellow man. It is rare these days to find professional people willing to perform a mitzvah on their ‘non business’ time. My family is very grateful to his services, and will definitely use him in the future (if need be). Thank You, Rahav! -Yossie

Joseph I.

Manhattan, NY

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I spoke to Rahav regarding an inheritance case in Israel. My cousin and I had lost the decision. (Rahav was not the attorney on the case). I called him for a consultation regarding possibly appealing the decision. He read the entire ruling, which was in Hebrew, and offered honest, clear input into why we lost. He also provided his professional opinion as to what our options were, and what our chances of winning the appeal might be. This was invaluable advice. We only have 45 days to appeal by Israeli law. It is challenging for us to process all of this when we are not familiar with Israeli law, and everything is in Hebrew.

Rahav has absolutely gone out of his way to offer us the best advice possible. I very, very, much appreciate that. Thank you, Rahav.

Jon G.


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I wrote to the law office and received not only a prompt response the same day but a phone call to discuss the legal matter. Excellent client service! Connected me with the relevant lawyer that I needed. Very professional and efficient!

Nancy K.

Queens, NY

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This law office helped make easy a matter my family thought would be very difficult, especially since it was an international matter! I recommend you give them a chance!

Joseph E.

Poquoson, VA

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I am an attorney in Virginia, and contacted the Aharoni Law offices to help resolve a question involving my client.  Mr. Aharoni quickly addressed my questions and provided me with what I needed.  I very much appreciate his resourcefulness, skill and professionalism.  I will come back to work with Aharoni Law again in the future.

Daniel K.

Charlottesville, VA

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Rahav helped me tremendously regarding an abandoned property in Israel that was purchased by my grandmother. Dedicated professionals are few and far between. I highly recommended Rahav for anyone who seek legal help in Israel.

Jeffrey R.

Schenectady, NY