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Aharoni Law Firm vigorously and wisely handles all aspects of Israeli Inheritance, Estate/Succession law, and probate petitions, including objections/contesting wills. We mainly serve international clients with assets and real estate in Israel. Our Israeli law firm is well-positioned to represent many clients, ranging from those with basic needs to clients with substantial assets and complex estates. Our practitioners have the knowledge and hands-on experience to navigate clients through Israel’s ever-evolving legal, tax, and financial landscape. We offer ethical client service and tailor our advice to the unique needs and goals of the client. We offer a broad range of probate and estate planning services, including but not limited to the following:

Preparing and filing Israeli succession, inheritance, and probate petitions

We prepare and file petitions to probate wills, petitions to administer the estate, petitions to appoint executors, and petitions to terminate administration. We file Israeli probate and succession orders as necessary.

Providing legal advice and opinions about Israeli probate

We educate and advise clients on their rights and obligations established by the will, power of attorney documents, and applicable inheritance law.

Identifying and notifying creditors and beneficiaries according to the succession law

We administer the estate by identifying the creditors and beneficiaries and preparing and sending notices of administration to interested parties.

Marshaling and distributing estate assets

We help administer the Israeli estate by accounting and inventorying the estate assets and valuations and assisting with marshaling and distributing assets.

Filing tax appeals – capital gain tax & Israeli Betterment Levy

We suggest you prepare and file any relevant tax when the estate assets are required for capital gain or betterment levy tax. We help ensure that the taxes are filed within applicable state and municipal deadlines and request extensions when necessary. There is no Estate Tax in Israel, but capital gain tax and betterment levy taxable events can accrue when selling real estate in Israel, especially when selling land. We specialize in appeals, reducing an average of 26% on Israeli betterment levy tax and an average of 20% on capital gain tax.

Preparing and filing Israeli trust petitions

We prepare and file trust petitions, including petitions to replace trustees, amend trust provisions, construe the meaning of specific trust provisions, compel the trustee to take action, and terminate the existence of the trust prematurely.

Provide legal advice and opinions about Israeli estates and trusts

We advise on various trust issues, educate clients on the powers granted to the trustee, and assess the privileges granted to the beneficiaries by the underlying trust documents.

Provide trust administration services.

We assist with basic trust administration, such as the assessment and distribution of the trust assets, as well as more complicated administration matters, including no-contest clause litigation, financial abuse claims, litigation to return property wrongfully removed from the trust, and more.

Representation in probate litigation proceedings, including estate disputes

We represent clients in various probate litigation matters, including will contests, disputed conservatorships, and disputed guardianship. We also represent clients in trust dispute matters, such as litigation against the trustee (pursuing injunctions, receivership, or termination) for the benefit of the beneficiaries.

Resolving challenges to estate document validity

We litigate challenges to the validity, legitimacy, and interpretation of Israeli and real estate documents and specific provisions.

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Our Israeli attorneys assist clients at every stage of the Israeli succession, probate, and estate administration process.  We are particularly well-versed in navigating clients through the complex process of Israeli inheritance law and probate procedures. Our firm is in Tel Aviv and has offices in New York and Los Angeles.

For a complimentary consultation to discuss your probate, inheritance, and estate law issues, please contact our firm by phone or email. We represent international clients from the United States, Canada, the UK, Europe, and Israel.

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