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The Israel Real Estate Purchase Tax Law requires the purchaser of property, real estate in Israel to pay a Purchase Tax.

The Purchase Tax aka Mas Rechisha is based on the price of the property at the time the purchase is made. In some cases mostly when there’s multiple assets other parameters needs to be evaluated in order to minimize the Mas Rechisha or do conduct a tax planning.

There are different rates of Purchase Tax depending on the purchaser’s citizenship/residence situation at the time of the purchase. There are different rates for Israeli citizens, new immigrants (“Olim”) and foreign residents.

writing 1149962 1920 300x200 1These are the different rates of Israeli Purchase Tax when purchasing what is defined as a “sole residence” under Israeli Real Estate Tax law. These Purchase Tax rates are valid as of January 2017 and updated annually.

Purchase Tax Rates for Residents of Israel:

Up to NIS 1,623,320: 0%

From NIS 1,623,320 to NIS 1,925,460: 3.5%

From NIS 1,925,460 to NIS 4,967,445: 5%

From NIS 4,967,445 to NIS 16,558,150: 8%

Over NIS 16,558,150 : 10%

Purchase Tax Rates for New Immigrants (Olim) to Israel:

Up to NIS 1,759,310: 0.5%

Over NIS 1,759,310: 5%

Purchase Tax Rates for Foreign Residents:

Up to NIS 4,967,445: 8%

Over NIS 4,967,445: 10%

Note: These Purchase Tax rates for Foreign Residents also apply to those individuals who purchase apartments that are not “sole residences” as defined by Israeli Real Estate Tax law.

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