Locating Unclaimed Property in Israel

There are thousands of real estate properties mostly land i Israel which have been deemed by Israeli law as having been “abandoned”. “Abandoned” properties are properties which have not been claimed by any heir, usually because no heir has come forward, or cannot be identified as the legal heir. Abandoned properties are usually managed by… [Read More]

Israel Real Estate Purchase Tax Law

The Israel Real Estate Purchase Tax Law requires the purchaser of property, real estate in Israel to pay a Purchase Tax. The Purchase Tax is based on the price of the property at the time the purchase is made. There are different rates of Purchase Tax depending on the purchaser’s citizenship/residence situation at the time… [Read More]

Israeli Durable Power of Attorney

When you wish to appoint an attorney to legally represent you in Israel, you must first sign a document called a Power of Attorney. There are several different types of Power of Attorney under Israeli law: A Specific Power of Attorney is necessary if you wish to have an Israeli lawyer represent you to handle… [Read More]