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Whether you own property, do business, or invest in Israel, you need the appropriate legal services to manage any legal matters that may arise from your activities in Israel. Read more below about why you should be represented by an Israeli lawyer in the United States if you engage in business or invest in Israel from the U.S.

Why an Israeli Lawyer in the United States Is Crucial for Various Legal Services

Depending on your involvement with Israeli real estate, businesses, or investment opportunities, you could need an Israeli attorney representing clients in the U.S. for any number of reasons. Whether you intend to purchase property, open a business, or invest in an Israeli company, each of these presents different legal matters of concern.

Israeli Real Estate

Purchasing real estate in Israel is similar to buying property in the U.S. However, all the documents will be in Hebrew, meaning you need a knowledgeable real estate attorney fluent in Hebrew to help you navigate the requirements to buy the property. You may also have different requirements based on whether you intend to buy the property as a personal residence or as an investment property.

Israeli Business Law

If you intend to start a business in Israel, you need to submit the appropriate forms, Articles of Association, and other documents to the correct Registrar’s office. If you already have a business in the U.S. and want to expand your operations to Israel, you will need to register any Israeli locations as individual Israeli companies owned wholly or in part by your U.S.-based company.

Learning more about establishing a business in Israel makes it clear why you should be represented by an Israeli lawyer in the United States. Incorrect filings could delay your business opening and cost you more in fees to correct your documentation.

Investing in Israel

There are several investment opportunities available for foreign investors in Israel. You can invest in the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, real estate, or Israeli businesses, among other opportunities. Investments always come with risk, and you may have different rights or claims as an investor in Israel compared to your rights as an investor in the U.S.

Israeli Litigation

Your activities in Israel could leave you open to lawsuits by tenants, employees, or government entities. You may also wish to bring a lawsuit against an entity, Israeli business partner, or institution that failed to uphold their legal agreements with you. Whether you need to defend against a lawsuit or file a claim in court, an experienced Israeli litigation attorney can help you with your case.

Contact an Experienced Israeli Real Estate and Business Attorney with Multiple U.S. Offices

Now that you know why you should be represented by an Israeli lawyer in the United States, contact us at Aharoni Law Firm. We have U.S. offices in New York, Los Angeles, and South Florida. We speak Hebrew, stay up to date with Israel’s laws, and can answer all your questions.

Call us at 888-923-0022 (United States) or 972-3-9055478 (Israel), or contact us online to schedule a consultation with an Israeli attorney in the U.S.

Rahav D. Aharoni, Adv

My expertise lies in assisting heirs and clients in the identification and acquisition of inherited assets in Israel, resolving estate and real estate conflicts, and facilitating transactions involving Israeli real estate, investments, and businesses. I am dedicated to helping my clients build equity and achieve their goals.