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I Have A Handwritten Will, Is That Legally Binding In Israel?

Israeli Inheritance Law encourages the certainty involved in wills. It recognizes the validity of handwritten wills in front of witnesses, in front of a notary or judge, or even oral wills under certain conditions.

Requirements for a Valid Handwritten Will in Israel:

  1. Entirely Handwritten: The will must be wholly written by the testator’s (the person making the will) own hand. No part of it can be typed or printed.
  2. Signed and Dated: The testator must sign and date the will, which must also be handwritten.
  3. Content: The will should clearly express the testator’s wishes regarding the distribution of their assets and any other relevant instructions.
  4. Mental Capacity: The testator must have a sound mind and understanding when making the will.
  5. Free Will: The will must have been made voluntarily, without undue influence or coercion.

We highly recommend working with an Israeli lawyer to avoid the potential challenges of Authenticity and Interpretation.