A Dynamic Approach To Solving Legal Matters In Israel

We are an Israeli law firm based in Tel Aviv, New York and Los Angeles, California. We provide top-notch legal and business advice regarding your legal matters in Israel. As an experienced law firm, we provide our clients with tailor-made legal services and our commitment to excellence in dealing with your legal matters in Israel. We are a boutique law firm and we specialize in representing international clients who seek our sharp advice to navigate the intricacies of Israeli law.

Our main areas of practice are:

Hard-Thinking Legal Advice with a Personal Touch

Every client has different legal and financial needs. The Aharoni Law firm works hard to shape effective strategies to deal with each client’s unique matters. Our personalized touch is meant to craft strong client relations, which are an essential component of our legal service and identity. This includes high-level communication regarding the progress of your case, always emphasizing direct, clear and smooth execution. We always achieve results ¬†and our clients are always comfortable that their case is being handled in a highly competent and personal manner.

Delivering Results With Smart Strategies

We have top legal and business acumen and always find innovative ways to resolve your legal matters. We are committed to helping you achieve your legal goals, and we do so in the most efficient manner possible. We meticulously formulate a solid legal strategy and act promptly in its furtherance. We always aim to provide our international clients with a swift solution to their legal matters in Israel.

We Are Here to Guide International Clients Regarding Israeli Law

We always listen meticulously and provide you with the best legal advice you would expect from a conscientious and innovative law firm. We represent international clients from the United States, Canada, the UK, Europe and Israel. Please contact us from the US or Canada at 1.888.923.0022 or in Israel at (972) 3.9055478 or (972) 50.7322688 to schedule a complimentary consultation.