Aharoni Law Firm represents International clients with Israeli estate, real estate and probate law matters from our office located in Tel Aviv. We are strategically situated to work in tandem with our offices in New York, California, and Florida.

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Israeli Real Estate Lawyers

Israel Property Lawyers in Tel AvivThe team at Aharoni Law Firm aims to provide clients bespoke probate and succession planning services for individuals who reside outside of the country but need to access the expertise of a Tel Aviv law firm that can navigate the law system regarding assets and inherited property in the land of Israel.


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Our founder and managing partner, Rahav Aharoni, Adv and his team utilize their many years of Israeli real estate legal experience to represent you in the Israel probate courts. His focus is to apply expert legal advice to Israeli law with complete appreciation and patience for the situations his international clients were experiencing.

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Our legal team has first-hand experience in handling Israeli real estate law matters in Israel, contact our office for a complimentary consultation from our Israeli real estate lawyers today and receive tailor-made legal advice from our lawyers in Tel Aviv. We care about resolving your matters.

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