Do you live in Canada and have inheritance, real estate or business matters involving property or other assets in Israel? If so, Aharoni Law Firm can provide experienced and personalized legal guidance and representation. For many years, we have worked with clients in Toronto, Montreal, Ontario and cities throughout Canada, including heirs, property owners, entrepreneurs and investors. 

We are Israeli law firm with our main office in Tel Aviv. We help our clients to successfully navigate the intricacies of Israeli estate, property and business law. Working with a lawyer who has in-depth knowledge of the Israeli legal landscape and a creative approach to problem-solving, we believe, makes all of the difference for our clients. To discuss your specific goals, contact Aharoni Law Firm today and allow us to review your case in our complimentary consultation. 

How Our Israeli Law Firm Can Help You in Canada Residents 

Our law firm's founding lawyer, Rahav D. Aharoni, personally manages every client's case. He is a native of Israel who is fluent in Hebrew and English. He has a deep background in the Israeli real estate industry and Estates. He focuses on helping clients in Canada to:

  • Israeli Estate planning and Estate administration. 
  • Locate and gain possession of inheritance property in Israel
  • Resolve Israeli estate and real estate disputes
  • Execute transactions in Israeli real estate, investments and business.

Israeli Inheritance and Succession Lawyers

The courts of Israel have jurisdiction over the estate of any person who resided in Israel at the time of his or her death or who left behind property in Israel. Under the Succession Law of 1965, such a person's estate may be distributed in two ways: 

By will or a Trust

If a person dies with a valid will, then the person's estate should be distributed according to his or her wishes. As simple and straightforward as that may seem, the Israeli probate process can present a wide array of challenges. Aharoni Law Firm can help you to administer the estate of a deceased loved one in Israel by tracking down estate assets, identifying and notifying beneficiaries, preparing and filing petitions, marshalling and distributing estate assets and resolving all related tax issues. We also assist clients in Canada with creating wills and trusts and with handling disputes that may arise concerning the validity of a will or trust. 

By law 

If a person dies without a will or has estate assets which the will fails to bequeath, those assets must be distributed according to Israel's rules of intestate succession. These rules establish the identity of heirs (spouse, children, parents, grandparents and siblings) and spell out their respective inheritance rights, including the order of inheritance and the apportionment of the estate's assets.  

It is important to know that the Succession Law provides a right to maintenance out of an estate to a spouse, children or parents of a decedent who are in need of financial support, regardless of whether the decedent left a valid will. Additionally, tax issues may arise after one acquires property in Israel and either continues to own the property or chooses to sell it.

Our dedicated Israeli attorneys assist clients in Canada at every stage of the of the inheritance process. We are well-versed in Israeli probate and succession laws and can offer clients hands-on experience with filing applications for probate and succession orders and with litigating disputes in Israeli courts. Although the process can be complex, our goal will be to make that process go as smoothly and efficiently as possible for you.

Israeli Real Estate Law, Property Law and Location of Abandoned Property in Israel

Aharoni Law Firm helps clients in Canada with a wide range of Israeli residential and commercial real estate matters, including: 

  • Searching the legal rights and title connected to the property through the appropriate registry (or registries) and collecting important documents such as the official extract before you buy or sell the property
  • Lending assistance with negotiating and securing a mortgage, including a mortgage for a second home which is located in Israel
  • Drafting, negotiating and executing contracts for real estate purchases in Israel, including contracts for residential and commercial properties
  • Registering and transferring all property rights through the appropriate Israeli authorities
  • Representing clients in Israeli courts if any legal disputes occur involving land, title and real estate.

For many years, we have helped clients in Canada to locate and reclaim abandoned property in Israel. Often, the heirs or beneficiaries that we represent did not even know about the property until they received a letter from the State of Israel notifying them of the Israeli property. We guide them through the process and use our in-depth knowledge of Israeli probate, succession and real estate law to handle every aspect, from establishing ownership rights to selling the property if they choose to do so. We also help our clients to understand and address tax implications, and we take careful steps on their behalf to protect their interests and maximize their equity.  

Our Israeli Law Firm Help Can with Your Legal Goals

Our legal team has first-hand experience in handling Israeli real estate law matters in Israel, contact our office for a complimentary consultation from our Israeli real estate lawyers today and receive tailor-made legal advice from our lawyers in Tel Aviv. We care about resolving your matters.