Aharoni Law is comprised of a team of Israeli lawyers in Los Angeles, California with offices located in New York and Florida. Not only are they rooted in the United States but hold an office in Tel Aviv, Israel. This home court advantage gives clients the opportunity to stay abreast of their case progress without worrying about what’s going on overseas. They provide services to Californians in areas of:

israeli lawTheir proximity to critical areas of Israel gives clients the upper hand in managing their cases by offering a specialized area of probate and succession law created specifically for people who live outside of Israel but have internal matters that need to be managed with the courts. This advantage is of particular importance since inheritance and probate matters fall under the collective umbrella of the family court system.

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The firm’s founder and managing partner, Rahav D. Aharoni, Adv, knows that expertise and ability are top priorities as an Israeli attorney in California. What sets his firm apart is the ability to provide boutique customer service with the clout of a much larger law firm.

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