Changes in Israeli Capital Gains Tax Law for Non-Resident Apartment Owners

As a non-resident of Israel who owns an apartment in Israel and owns another residential property in their domicile, there have been recent tax amendments by the Israeli tax authorities that could affect you. These changes are aimed at increasing the supply of apartments for Israeli residents, at the expense of foreign residents, by abolishing […]

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Succession Law in Israel – Inheritance by Law

How to Inherit an Israeli Estate and Complete the Probate Process A relative of yours has passed away and left an estate in Israel. You may be the only heir or you may be one of several heirs. You will now need to begin the probate process of filing with the Israeli courts to secure […]

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Succession Law in Israel – Israeli Inheritance Law

Understanding Israeli Probate and Succession Law in Israel Upon the death of an individual who left assets or property in Israel, the fate of their property must be decided according to succession law in Israel. Israeli probate and succession law is extremely complex and requires a highly experienced legal team to navigate through the bureaucracy. […]

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