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The Aharoni Law Firm is an Israeli law firm based in Tel Aviv, Los Angeles and New York City. We provide thoroughly professional personalized legal advice on Israeli law, specializing in inheritance, estates, probate procedures, real estate and business law in Israel. We are unrelenting fiduciaries, entrepreneurs, and counselors, and we do whatever it takes.

Our law firm maintains offices in Tel Aviv, Los Angeles and New York to better personally serve individuals and corporations with legal and financial interests in Israel. We have a distinctive vision and provide legal and financial services with the highest level of expertise.

Our law firm is very well situated to represent clients in any financial or business matters involving Israeli law, from simple cases to the most complex, delicate issues.

Our law firm achieves extraordinary results for our US and Canadian clients with legal or financial interests in Israel. We are intensely focused, determined, proactive, committed and dedicated to the goals of our clients. Our clients’ goals are our goals: we solve our clients’ problems.

If you have significant and complex legal or financial matters in Israel, we are the people you should consult. We speak the language of international business, and we understand the legal and financial issues involved in transacting business between Israel, United States and Canada. And of course, we are totally fluent in both Hebrew and English.

Please call us to answer any questions or issues you might have regarding Israeli business matters and Israeli law. We can help you resolve virtually any important matter involving Israeli law or business in Israel.

We Look forward to being of service to you, your family, and your business.