What Should an Israeli Estate Plan Should Include?

 Designing an Israeli Estate Plan Requires These Steps “There are no pockets in the funeral shroud” – Ancient Jewish saying.   An Israeli estate plan is for any Israeli who has any assets. Everything you own – automobiles, bank accounts, real estate, personal possessions – are part of your personal estate. So it is vital… [Read More]

Israeli Wills

Israeli Wills – Questions to Ask Inheritance law in Israel are extremely old and complex. There are a number of extremely complex issues involved in Israeli wills and Israeli inheritance law. You will need the services of a competent Israeli lawyer to help you navigate through the process, even if you are in possession of… [Read More]

Locating Unclaimed Property in Israel

There are thousands of real estate properties mostly land i Israel which have been deemed by Israeli law as having been “abandoned”. “Abandoned” properties are properties which have not been claimed by any heir, usually because no heir has come forward, or cannot be identified as the legal heir. Abandoned properties are usually managed by… [Read More]