Israeli Guide About Renting an Apartment in Israel

Renting an apartment in Israel is a very different affair from renting an apartment in the United States. In the US, you usually submit your rental application to a professional rental-management company, you provide them with your credit information and proof of income, and you almost never meet or negotiate the rental terms with the… [Read More]

Israel Real Estate Purchase Tax Law

The Israel Real Estate Purchase Tax Law requires the purchaser of property, real estate in Israel to pay a Purchase Tax. The Purchase Tax is based on the price of the property at the time the purchase is made. There are different rates of Purchase Tax depending on the purchaser’s citizenship/residence situation at the time… [Read More]

Registering Real Estate In Israel

Registering Real Estate in Israel In Israel, the right and legal action of purchasing Real Estate is through the Land Registry Department included under the Ministry of Justice, or as often referred in Israel “The Tabu”. The Israeli Tabu is the body in charge of registering any Real Estate action into the Bureau’s official books…. [Read More]