Inheritance and Probate (Estate Administration) in Israel

We are experts in navigating through the complex process of Israeli Inheritance Law and Probate Procedures. The property of a deceased individual is called his or her Estate. The Succession Law governs a person’s estate in Israel after their passing. A person’s estate includes their property at the time of death, as well as any… [Read More]

Foreign Judgments Enforcement in Israel

For a foreign judgement to be acknowledged or enforced in Israel it must be accepted by an Israeli court.1 The acceptance and enforcement of Judgments made by foreign judiciaries in Israel is performed in accordance with The Foreign Judgments Enforcement Law – 1958.2 The statute relates to judgments regarding civil matters, meaning noncriminal and matters… [Read More]

Implementing FATCA by Israeli Banks

FATCA Compliance. FATCA, The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act was legislated in May 2010 and entered into force In July 2014. FATCA obliges U.S. taxpayers, namely American passport holders and American social security number owners, to report foreign financial accounts, whose value exceeds 10,000 dollars, and offshore assets to the IRS (Internal Revenue Service). It also obliges foreign financial… [Read More]