What Should an Israeli Estate Plan Should Include?

 Designing an Israeli Estate Plan Requires These Steps “There are no pockets in the funeral shroud” – Ancient Jewish saying.   An Israeli estate plan is for any Israeli who has any assets. Everything you own – automobiles, bank accounts, real estate, personal possessions – are part of your personal estate. So it is vital… [Read More]

Foreign Legal Opinion of Israeli Probate.

How to solve the Israeli Probate Process In the US, it may be possible to avoid the probate process if you create a trust while you are still alive. But in Israel, there is no way to legally transfer inherited property to an heir without going through the Israeli probate process (See more details about… [Read More]


What You Need to Know About Israeli Probate of a US Will In the US, you can create a trust in order for your heirs to avoid a long a probate and in many cases tax. In order to transfer inherited assets to your legal heirs in Israel, there is no way to bypass probate,… [Read More]